“Athlete” doesn’t mean size

I have probably alluded heavily to this in prior posts, but I really like body-positive fitness. I love the crap out of anything that highlights plus sized athletes because they are invisible in our culture in many ways.  If you looked at any sports or athletics related media, you would believe that no larger people, especially women, existed ever. The one way it seems acceptable for plus sized people to be featured is if they’re on the road to skinny – dieting, doing tons of exercise, etc. And then it’s obviously with the caveat that they’re not the “ideal” body, but they’re working for it.  Everything for plus sized people is in the context of weight loss.

I say screw that.

If you want to be active, be active. If you want to run, run. Bike, bike. Etc. You don’t have to be trying towards some body ideal… unless that ideal is GET MY BODY STRONG ENOUGH TO DO ___. Outrun the zombies. Finish a spartan race. A pull-up. Whatever!

If there’s fat, so what? If there’s a lot of muscle and that adds bulk, so what?  It doesn’t matter if you look “good” in the workout clothing of your field of choice.  Do what you need to achieve the health and athletic goals you want.

Oh, and on that note.  Athletes come in all sizes. They’re not hiding, they’re just not getting media attention. Or not getting picked for major league teams. But you bet your butt they’re out there: people with awesome skills, dedication, accomplishments, record-setters in their fields… who just happen to not look like what you were expecting

I urge you to check this out: Are plus sized athletes promoting obesity? and the article it references, I’m plus sized and I’m an athlete for much more. This lady is awesome. Honorary Shieldmaiden.

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