Combating self negativity

Based on a prompt to reflect on negative perceptions holding you back from achieving fitness goals, and positive things to think to combat them:

Negative thoughts – that I’m too deconditioned, that whatever I start I won’t follow through, that even if I try I still won’t measure up, that I won’t have time to do it even if I want to, that my motivation will flag

Positive thoughts – fake it til you make it. The difference is I AM DOING IT, where others are not. It doesn’t matter what you look like, it just matters that you’re on the road to better health. I have actually enjoyed it, looking back on my experiences, even if I didn’t like it in the moment. There is always time for something – no, it’s not always the obvious or easy choice. I can leave reminders, and inspirational things up. I can be strong. I can be a warrior. I can be amazing. I just have to do the work.

And for more inspiration, this, the translation of a beautiful tattoo of superhuman belly dancer Rachel Brice ~ “Practice becomes firmly grounded when continued for a long time, without interruption and with reverent devotion.”

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