New year, new blah blah blah

Okay, holidays and sedentary work life definitely took their toll. Working in the new year to kick off bad habits and make some new good ones. Hubs and I doing some walking, some running… Having fun with The Walk and Zombie, Run 5k apps. Tracking calories in, NOT to starve myself or make myself feel bad, but to give myself a momentary pause before I put something in my mouth – do I really need that, is it worth it? Especially with all the junk food I’ve consumed. Haven’t invested in a fitness tracking device because I don’t know if it’s worth it, but am using some apps on my phone to help.

I happily received some warrior/shieldmaiden inspired gifts for the holidays and some great activities, helping me push onwards. Got some strong ladies behind me… Wonder Woman, Lagertha (Vikings), Brienne of Tarth (GoT), and all the Jedi I could hope for. And I just invested in new sports bras that fit really well and comfortably, because there’s no greater hell like unhappy or chafing breasts during a run. If that’s TMI, get over it. Men and women are allowed to have different body considerations for exercise.

Making themed playlists is also a fun way to inspire better workouts. Definitely makes the experience during it more enjoyable. Also a nice creative outlet.

Exercise today? Tracking it, again to keep me honest. Some yoga flow, with some side planking and flip dog and wild thing poses thrown in (google images for those, those carefree poses were exactly what I DIDN’T look like!)
4-min morning style marches and squats – cut it way back to two rounds, omitted the toe ups
Modified (couch) incline push-ups – 8
Plan to do some zombie running later today

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