Setbacks and refocusing

It has been 2 month since my last post, and a lot has changed during this time. In the process of moving and schedules changing, I put the heavy exercise practice on hold, and much of my prior good dietary choices were compromised due to scheduling and stress. Several health issues I had been keeping under control / ignoring came up and further pushed back my return to exercise. Although I am working to get everything under control, I suspect I will not go back to Crossfit in the near future (schedule and financial factors involved as well) – although I did enjoy it very much and would still recommend it to others.

As often happens during autumn, I have been undergoing a more internal refocusing. Working on my attitudes, values assessment, mental health, etc. Going back to a daily meditation practice is one of the things I have discovered is most helpful to me as a buffer to the stresses of life. Though I’ve been made painfully aware that no amount of meditation can correct a bad enough sleep deficit.

At the intersection of an internal focus with the role of the warrior is the Jedi path. I connect very easily with this role at this time. It also helps that the Force is something that fits in well with my own spiritual beliefs. So don’t be surprised if my language takes on this flavor in the coming posts. MTFBWY.

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